What's new in Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary update

The wait for Windows 10 Mobile anniversary update is almost over. Though, the updates are still not rolled out, changewindows.org has compiled a fantastic list of the popular changes you will see when you update your phone to Windows 10 Mobile Anniversary Update.

Start and Action Center

  • Live tiles now update all at once on the startscreen instead of one-by-one if there are updates for their content
  • Live tiles now can update badges and content at the same time
  • Apps will now launch faster if there are incoming live tile
  • The app icon is no longer repeated in the Action Center, instead, it is shown only in the header
  • The All apps list now also follows the "Make Text Larger" option
  • The header for each app is now smaller to make more room for notifications
  • Notifications can now have hero images
  • Notifications in both banners and Action Center now follow the "Text Scaling" setting
  • You can now hold notifications to turn them off for the app or go to the notification settings
  • The size of notification icons has been decreased from 64x64 to 48x48
  • App names on Live tiles now follow the Ease of Access Text Scaling setting
  • The default wallpaper for a new device has been changed
  • When you dismiss multiple notifications at once, the background will no longer fade to black between them
  • If a Quick Action turns a certain functionality in your device on or off (Bluetooth, Flashlight, etc.) it will now show On/Off for a short period

Cortana and search

  • Cortana is now available in Spanish (Mexico), Portuguese (Brazil) and French (Canada)
  • Cortana will now show a button on the top to search for music
  • Cortana can now provide turn-by-turn directions with the new Maps app
  • Cortana can now sync across devices
  • You'll now get a notification whenever your mobile device is running out of battery
  • Find my phone/Ring my phone is now available through Cortana
  • You can now share map directions between your devices
  • Cortana can now show new notifications in the Action Center
  • Cortana can now automatically fetch the required speech language for you
  • Cortana can now give reminder suggestions
  • You can now change Cortana's language
  • Cortana's Settings have been moved outside the Notebook
  • You can now create reminders with photos or shared info from apps
  • Improved share UI for reminders
  • Cortana can now search in your Office 365 account
  • You can now send a picture from your phone to your PC through Cortana
  • Notifications on your phone will now be synced to your PC with Cortana
  • Cortanas listening animation has been updated
  • Cortana should now listen more reliably after tapping the mic button
  • Cortana's home UI no longer shows your cards but hints and a button to show the cards

User Interface

  • The back-button on the lock screen has been replaced with a camera button
  • The lock screen now shows media controls directly on the UI
  • The Bing logo on the Bing lock screen has been updated, appears smaller and no longer has the text "Bing"
  • The data migration process now uses a larger font
  • The "Goodbye" message will now stay visible until the device has been shut down completely
  • Glance screen now follows the Ease of Access scaling settings

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