Anniversary Update begins for Windows 10 Mobile, Update : It's not anniversary update.

Update : It's not anniversary update.

Despite clicking on the Details in the update screen and landing on the page that says anniversary update, it's not the anniversary update.

A report from and from Microsoft says it just a cumulative update fixing some bugs. Anniversary updates is yet to be rolled out.

We will be announcing the updates as soon as it rolls out the Windows Phone users. Sorry for the confusion!

In another report, Dona Sarkar, said about the Windows 10 Mobile update:

Right now, the team is laser-focused on preparing to release the Windows 10 Anniversary Update to Mobile devices and we think we’re almost ready. You can help us out by making sure you are running Build 14393.67 (KB3176931) on your phone and sending in feedback on any issues you run into via the Feedback Hub. Our team is determined to make sure we release a high quality build to our customers and your feedback really makes a difference.

So, I guess you may have to wait some more days before the update is rolled out.

The wait is not longer this time. I just checked and found the Windows 10 Mobile anniversary update available for my Lumia 650 in India. Microsoft has rolled out the update for PCs on August 02, and despite giving a confirmation for August 09 for Mobile users, the updates were not rolled out. 

But, finally the Windows 10 Mobile anniversary update has been rolled out to Windows 10 Mobile users. To be specific, I own a Lumia 650 and resides in India. The updates will be rolled out in phases so depending upon your handset and region, you will be getting it sooner if you can't find it today. 

Thanks Microsoft, for not making it a mess!

The Anniversary Update has been said to be a complete update having new features and various bug fixes. Given the instability of Windows 10 Mobile, it was necessary. If you want to look to the new features and updates the Anniversary Update provides, read these articles: 

When I found the updates downloading, I checked with What's new in the update to make sure if its anniversary update only, and got this screen from Microsoft which confirms it is indeed the much awaited update. 

I will be covering the new features and other aspects of the updates in coming articles. You can update your phone by heading to Settings > Update & Security > Phone update > Check for updates.

Have you already updated? How's it working for you, tell us in the comments. 

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