Pokemon Go may come to Windows 10 Mobile too

Pokemon Go is the new hot thing in the market. In less than a month of it's release in only 3 countries worldwide, it is on the verge of crossing number of active users on Twitter. The responses are awesome for the Niantic and the craze for finding and catching the Pokemon is at it's new height.

The game comes for both Android and iOS and the Windows 10 Mobile users are feeling helpless once again, just like they did with Snapchat, Tinder and other many apps. Of course it doesn't make that much sense to target an OS with less than 2% market share where you can invest the same resources and time improvising on the market created for Android and iOS users. But, if you are on Windows Platform and wish to play the game, remain hopeful. 

A good number of Windows 10 Mobile users sent feedback to Microsoft over Pokemon Go to Windows platform and Microsoft replied through their Feedback hub stating that they have received an overwhelming amount of feedback for the game and the Windows Store team is looking into options to fulfill this request. 

Microsoft can really count on this situation by bringing this popular game as soon as possible either by working with Niantic or paying them some money for the game for Windows Platform. This may not prove a great factor in improving it's share but it surely will give an impression that Microsoft is serious for it's users and wants to deliver whatever is in their hand. The case with Snapchat can be ignored since they had refused the Windows app due to their anti-Microsoft attitude, but an unavailability of Pokemon Go without any reason result in more decline of Windows 10 Mobile. 

Let's hope for the best. I am surely looking for a Windows 10 Mobile Pokemon Go app so that I end up catching some. 

ambarish kumar

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