NuAns Neo Windows Phone unleashed, features stylish design

With the shrinking Windows Phone market, there is another hope in the name of NuAns Neo. NuAns JP is a Japanese company and the handset NuAns Neo has decided to go for a global release. With Lumia 650 being the last Lumia from Microsoft and Surface Phones are only speculated, the Redmond Giant is only depending on these third party handset makers for taking the baton of Windows 10 Mobile forward.

Coming to the NuAns Neo, the phone is surprisingly stylish. The company has started a kick started campaign for $7,50,000 and with 34 days still to go , has already backed $106,643. With the same pace, it will easily reach to its target.

Specification for NuAns Neo

NuAns Neo has a mid-ranged specs, featuring a 5-inch screen (1280 x 720) with anti-finger coating. It is powered with Snapdragon 617 processor coupled with 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of internal storage expandable upto 128 GB through mini SD card slot.

The Japanese smartphone features a 13 MP primary and 5 MP secondary camera with wide-angle lenses.

One of the best thing about NuAns Neo is it's support for Continuum. This gives you the ability to connect your phone to an external monitor, keyboard and your phone will convert into a PC. With the Universal Platforms Apps releasing each day, this is something which holds the future.

The handset uses a 3350 mAH battery which is pretty decent, more the 2x the Lumia 650 which runs for a day for me with mild usage.

What's cool with NuAns Neo? 

With a mid-ranged hardware though it supports continuum, why is it really cool? The answer lies in it's replaceable back panel. The back panel is divided in two parts and you can replace top/bottom part separately with different colors back. Also, the panel holds a place to carry cards, so in a late night party when you are only concerned about the credit card, you may not need to carry your wallet. The handset also features USB type C port which is a great feature al though we are not sure yet for it's support for quick charging.

Source: Windows Central

When will it ship? 

If the Japanese Company reached to its kickstarter goal, the phone will be available world wide from Novemeber with 399$. However, you can grab one right now at just $270 as an early bird price. You may need to hurry as this is a limited stick offer. 

Are you interested for it? Does it sound promising? Tell us in the comments. 

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