HP Elite x3 to have gold color and Stylus

If you have not been a fan of black color phone and loved Lumia particularly because of it's colored back panels, HP Elite x3 is providing a new color option. It's not the bright color options Lumia had, but the updated specifications for HP Elite x3 includes Gold color too, now. 

HP Elite x3
HP Elite x3

HP Elite x3 is a business phone featuring Snapdragon 820 CPU coupled with 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal storage that can be expanded. The phone also packs with iris scanner and fingerprint scanner though Windows 10 Mobile currently do not support it but is expected in Anniversary update. 

There is no confirmed release date for Elite x3, but it is expected to release around the anniversary update which is scheduled on August 02. Earlier, the HP Elite was listed only in Black color but the new updated specification includes the handset in Gold color too. It also mentions that the gold colored x3 may not be available in all countries, so we will have to wait to see where all it's the gold colored HP Elite x3 is launched. 

There is no image yet of the gold colored Elite x3. We will update as soon as the image surfaces. 

The powerful handset from HP targeting the business users will also have Stylus support. This is another handy feature which will make drawing and writing easier, particularly helping in taking quick notes. The fingerprint scanner is hoped to be supported after the anniversary update. 

HP Elite x3 Stylus support
HP Elite x3  with Stylus

HP Elite x3, featuring one of the best hardware specifications, fingerprint support, iris scanner, stylus, support for Continuum and coming in premium gold color is perhaps what Microsoft is looking for, for the revival of Windows 10 Mobile platform. 

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