Updated Facebook for Windows 10 Mobile available for download

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This is again a good news for Windows 10 Mobile fan as Facebook Beta, an iOS port of the Facebook app is available for Windows fans and can be download through store. Since this is an iOS port, you will be getting a richer experience as compared the Windows 10 Mobile present Facebook app. 

Lately, we have some seen some of the popular apps getting updated/released like Instagram (which is an iOS port too) and Messenger Beta releasing to some European countries. Updated Facebook app is another step. 

The app is still under beta phase and may crash sometimes, so if you are someone who wants perfect things only can wait for the final release. If you can't wait just like me, head to the store and download the 94mb app. However, there is a catch. The app is available for France/Germany only and you will need to go to Settings > Time & Language > Region and change it to France before you can find it in the store. If you still can't find the updated Facebook app, click here. This will redirect to the store with a install option. 

Since the app is a port, it do not follows the Window 10 Mobile theme. Also, crashes sometimes and do not have all the features yet which will be subsequently rolled out in coming days. 

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