Opera for Windows 10 Mobile gets an Ad blocker

This comes as a surprise package to Windows 10 Mobile users. The popular browser Opera for Windows 10 Mobile has now got an in-built Ad blocker and it's the first browser for the platform to provide this feature. Opera has been one such app that gets regular updates for Windows 10 Mobile and brings in new features. Also, it has the feature to compress web pages and deliver it to the user saving mobile data to a large extent. 

There are already a lot of Ad blockers for Android and iOS and Opera is the first to introduce it to W10M. Although Opera has earlier confirmed that it do not want to concentrate on Opera Mini for Windows 10 Mobile, the ad blocker inclusion update comes as a unexpected update for the community. To avail this feature, you have to update your browser to Version 9.1. 

Once you update, the browser will deliver a notification of the new setting for blocking ads and will ask your permission to enable it. You can in any case turn it on through Basic Tab in Settings. 

Although, it's a nice feature and allows the users to surf the web without any ads, bloggers like us are totally dependent on Ads for managing/keeping things up. 

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