How to locate Windows Phone when it's lost

Lost your phone

If you have lost your Windows Phone or your Windows Device has been stolen  there is an easier way to locate it, lock it and even erase the data. Most of the times we keep all our sensitive information and pictures in our phone and once stolen, getting the data erased becomes more important than finding the phone back. You never wish to give your personal info and pictures/videos in someone's else hand. In that case, here's how you can locate your phone, lock it or even erase it completely. 

The first step is to navigate to Microsoft Website to Sign in.

Once you are there, Sign In to your Microsoft account with which you have have set up your phone. This is the official Microsoft's Find my Phone section from Microsoft.

With Find My Phone, once you have signed-in, you can see the list of phones that are configured with the email account and last location where your phone was present irrespective of whether you had turned on the location services. In the below screenshot, both my phones Lumia 625 and Lumia 650 are listed along with the build details and the last location where it was working. 

Locate Windows 10 Mobile

Now, click on the Find My Phone option where you will be redirected to three options. The first one is to Ring your phone. This is helpful even if you know your phone is in your house but you are not able to locate it and it's in silent mode. You can give a ring from here and your phone will ring out loud even if it is set to silent so that you can find. 

Locate Windows 10 Mobile

Second option is to Lock your phone. You can lock your phone and set up a custom message on the screen through this feature. This is helpful when you know where you have left your phone and you have sometime before you can get it back. 

Third option is of Erasing all the data of your phone. When you have lost your phone or it has been stolen, you can erase all your personal data from it using this feature. 

On the right side of the screen, there will be Bing maps showing the exact location of your phone and zooming in will give even more detail about the location. 

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