How to improve Windows 10 Mobile battery life

Windows 10 Mobile battery life

If you are an active user on Windows 10 Mobile always on 4G/Wi-Fi surfing web, listening to music and watching YouTube videos, it's most likely that you have to run to a charging socket to keep using your Windows 10 Mobile device. However, there are some steps which you can follow to improve Windows 10 Mobile battery life. 

In this article, I am sharing with you some basic and small steps that will help in improving your Windows 10 Mobile battery life. 

Turn on Battery Saver

Turning on battery saver stops several background processes and help your phone running for some more hours. Though, this may even stop some background apps from running like WhatsApp, you can configure these apps to work even when Battery Saver is on. Also, limit the battery saver to something around 20-30% when you would just think of keeping your phone ON till you find another charging spot. 

Close apps that are running in background

In Windows 10 Mobile, clicking on back button several times will take you to the homescreen, but it do not closes the app from where you came. To close the app, press the back button, and swipe down for the apps which you want to close or the X in the right corner to close it. 

Reduce your brightness / screen time out

Adjust the screen's brightness according to your need. If you are in a bright daylight, you can keep it to 100%, but at a place with very low light, reducing it 50% or even 25% won't hamper your use experience but will improve the battery life. Go to Settings > System Display, and select the brightness level. You can also find the option in the Action center. Keeping Automatically adjust display brightness option ON will drain your battery faster. 

Also, set the screen time out for a shorted duration. The longer you keep it, the more power it takes. Go to Settings > Personalization > Lock screen and under Screen Times out After section, select the desired option.

Keeping the default dark background for your Windows 10 Mobile will help you to use your phone for some more hours. You can find the option under Settings > Personalization > Colors

Turn off un-necessary services 

This is a common practice which you should follow for not only Windows 10 Mobile but with any mobile handset. Turning off the un-necessary settings will improve your phone's battery life. 

Shutdown the background apps which are not use, turn off the location service when you don't need it, turn off bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you don't need it, and NFC too. Also, setting your handset to 2G mode if you are not really using web and internet data is a nice way to keep charged. Though Glance screen takes uses very less battery life, you can turn it off too. 

Another way to improve your battery life is by limiting your Email accounts to sync less often. You can navigate to Settings > Accounts > Your email and accounts and under Manage > Change Mailbox sync settings, choose a longer interval. 

Limit the number of tiles on your homescreen, keeping too much on homescreen uses more battery. 

Is their any other ways which I missed to list which you frequently practice to improve your Windows 10 Mobile battery life? Tell us in the comments and I will add it to the list. 

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