Anniversary update for Windows 10 Mobile to begin on Aug 02

Earlier this week, Microsoft confirmed that they will be rolling out the anniversary update for Windows 10 on August 02. However, there was no confirmation about Windows 10 Mobile and the upgrade to 10 from 8.1 was delayed so many times that it made us not even think of August 02 as the update for Windows 10 Mobile too. 

But to our surprise, Donna Sarkar has confirmed in a tweet that Official Windows 10 Mobile anniversary update will begin rolling out from August 02 only but in waves. That's a good news for Windows fans. 

I sincerely hope Microsoft delivers better performance as my Lumia 650 has several issues of lagging, no smooth scrolling in some apps like Facebook and Instagram and hanging often which needs a soft reset. 

Here's the tweet : 

In another question of whether it will support all the phones which are running on Windows 10 Mobile, Donna Sarkar confirmed that yes it will!

I'm pretty excited about the anniversary update since it will be the first major update after the launch of Windows 10 Mobile. Also, I believe there will be fixes and I will end up with a better performance device in my hand. 

ambarish kumar

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