How to enable glance screen in Lumia 650 / Lumia 950

Glance screen is one of the unique selling feature of Lumia 650. With a not-so compelling specifications, Lumia 650 does have this Glance Screen feature and it's awesome. If you are wondering why Glance Screen is so important, it displays time, date, missed calls, texts and messages, notifications from social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and most importantly without costing on your battery life. The Glance Screen feature in Lumia devices have very little battery usage. 

I have recently bought a Lumia 650 and its a nice phone in the budget, though its priced slightly higher and the specs are not so great. But, still it does provide a smooth nice experience and Windows 10 Mobile is not that buggy. It's very easy to enable glance screen in Lumia 650. If you are looking for the steps, you are at the right place. 

Enable Glance Screen in Lumia 650

In order to enable glance screen in Lumia 650, follow these steps. 

Navigate to App menu by sliding left and go to Settings. Then go to Extras > Glance screen

Glance screen in Extras
Glance screen in Extras

You can see the following options in the glance screen settings. 

enable glance screen in Lumia 650
enable glance screen in Lumia 650

1. Mode: Here, you can set the time after the phone is locked when the glance screen appears and works. Set it to 30 sec or 15 min, or you can shut it off, or even select to keep always on. Since, glance screen hardly uses any battery of your Lumia 650, keeping it on is a better choice. 

2. Under content, you can select Date / Notification icons to show on the glance screen. 

3. Exceptions: This gives the option of turning off glance screen when you don't want your screen to lighten up specially during your sleep. Under the night mode, select the color of font for the glance screen or keep it off/hide it. Also, you can set start / end time in which the glance enabling glance screen for Lumia 650 won't work so you can sleep without any lights. 

Glance screen is an important and a nice feature from Lumia devices, and seeing it on a mid-range Lumia 650 was a wow for me. So, time for you to enable glance screen in Lumia 650. 


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