Microsoft Lumia 650 review - It isn't that bad

Lumia 650 out of the box
Lumia 650

If you read over the web about Microsoft Lumia 650 review, the negatives will outweighs the positive listing. Been a Windows Phone fan for some time, I decided to drop my Lumia 625 since it's no more up-gradable to Windows 10 Mobile officially and got a Lumia 650 from the Microsoft store at Rs. 15,000. And I must say, it isn't that bad!

Lumia 650 is surprisingly light weight, feels like a premium device in hand. The overall experience on first day is way better than what has been described in various Microsoft Lumia 650 reviews. I will break the review in different segments and talk about it separately. 

Design and feel

Lumia 650 feels like a premium device in hand, even way better than flagships Lumia 950 and 950 XL. The back panel is removable and very thin and delicate. It has a nice metallic edge and overall the design surprised me. It's not way too big like Lumia 640 XL, and with a 5-inch screen its just the perfect size I needed. 

Lumia 650 back panel
Lumia 650 back panel


When I unboxed it, it was lagging a bit. But soon as I connected to wi-fi, and once I updated it to latest version through settings, it was working without any lag. The normal day to day tasks are working pretty decently and has no delays and lags. it was easy to use Cortana and set up a reminder. I tried working with Excel, Powerpoint and Word and it was okay, didn't seem any problem there. Playing hill climbing racing and Sonic dash or Temple Run was fine too. Once it a while there was a frame drop but that happens with any other Android device. However, if you are going to get one for gaming purpose, you might be disappointed. Asphalt 8 didn't work pretty well.

So, in performance, the Lumia 650 again worked good. It was not the best surely, but you can't put it in a negative side. 


Pretty well. Nokia has always maintained the camera quality of previous Lumias and Microsoft is extending its legacy. The pics in low light were fine too. The front camera of 5 mega pixel is clearer and sharper. Not a complete photography package, but Lumia 650 can ensure you do not miss to capture best time of your life. 

Battery life

It's just okay. Packing only a 2000mAh is on the negative side for this phone. I have been running 4G and the battery is draining faster. Microsoft Lumia 650 will require a charging once a day. With multi-tasking and listening to music/watching videos, you perhaps need to pull out your charger from your bag again. 


The display of Lumia 650 is sharp and clear, has a wide view angle and performed pretty well in bright sunlight. 

Windows 10 Mobile OS

It still needs some more finishing. The action center is slow to pull down, and opening Microsoft Store to install an app takes a bit of time. About a second or two extra. 

Lumia 650 running on Windows 10 Mobile
Lumia 650 running on Windows 10 Mobile


Earphones, no USB cable and battery life. The earphones are not at all usable and if you are someone who loves music, perhaps you should consider buying another one for yourself. There is no USB cable provided and I was expecting a charger with detachable USB cable. Sometimes you may not find yourself near to a charging point and you wish you have usb cable to connect and charge through your laptop. You will need to buy an additional one. Battery life is poor, too with 4G connection or running on Wi-Fi. 

While I running Lumia 625 - 512mb RAM packed phone on Windows 10 Mobile through Windows Insider program, I was feeling left out when Microsoft decided to drop upgrade to 512mb RAM devices. But, it looks like it was the right decision. Lumia 650 with 1 gb of RAM is providing way better performance than it. If you really need to try out and review Windows 10 Mobile, consider buying a phone that is shipped with Windows 10 Mobile or is upgradable to, and then try it. It performs better. 

Anything I missed, which you want to know about the Lumia 650? Tell me in the comments. 

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