Lumia 650 spotted on Amazon India, priced at Rs. 16,700

If you are from India and waiting for Lumia 650 to be launched, your wait is about to end. Though, there is no official statement or confirmation about the launch, Amazon India has listed the Lumia 650 black and white edition on its website along with the price details. 

Lumia 650 Black
Lumia 650 Black

Lumia 650 White
Lumia 650 White

Lumia 650 has already been available in European markets and last week, it saw its launch in United States and Canada. China has also seen the official launch but the phone is yet to hit the Indian market. Microsoft twitter account had previously confirmed that the Lumia 650 will be available to buy in March End, but again has crossed the time it had set. 

With Amazon India listing, we can hope for the launch very soon. The Microsoft Lumia 650 dual SIM is listed on Amazon in both white and black color. The white model is priced at Rs. 16,599 and the black one costs Rs. 16,700. The seller also expects that the phone will be available to be shipped till April 30. 

There is two thing to note here. Microsoft has once again went on to miss the deadline it set itself of March end. Another thing is the low-end and equipped with outdated process Snapdragon 212 is costing around Rs 17k, where at the same price one can buy a OnePlus, Micromax, and Moto devices with much higher specifications and features. This is something that will make the Windows fans think before they order one for themselves. 

I had been waiting for the first metallic body Lumia and the wait is getting endless. Plus at this price tag, I am reconsidering the decision to buy it. If I need a Windows Phone, I will rather buy a Lumia 550 with almost same specification at half the price. Just coz it contains some metals, I wont spend twice for Lumia 650.

What's your opinion? Will you buy Lumia 650 in India with this price tag? Tell us in the comments. 

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