Is Windows 10 Mobile releasing, finally?

Windows 10 Mobile

The deadline for Windows 10 Mobile release has been extended from November to December and then to January and February. It's the mid march and yet there is no official announcement from Microsoft over Windows 10 Mobile release to the existing customers. Although, Microsoft has recently launched Windows 10 Mobile powered Lumia 650, the dealy for the existing customers has frustrated the Lumia users and Microsoft can't hope to gain a comfortable market share with such a poor strategy. 

But, if you go by another report from mspoweruser, which on account of another Italian Site, Windows Blog Italia which has been source of many leaks in the past, the Windows 10 Mobile users might see the release on March 17th.

The site claims that Windows 10 Mobile will be available for Lumia 1520, 930, 830, 640, 640XL, 638, 636, and 535. 

The wait has been endless, and we will see in another 3 days about the yet again release date of Windows 10 Mobile. 

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