New Open Source Snapchat app for Windows Phone under development

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Filiph Sandström has started an open source Snapchat app for Windows Phone on Github named SwiftSnapper. As for now, according to wmpoweruser, the app is under very ac
tive development with 8 contributors and more than 75 commits.

Moreover, the 5 days old app can now log into Snapchat's servers and see a list of snaps which has been sent to you. 

The Snapchat App where a user can take and send photos for only some seconds before it gets deleted has more than 100 million of active users, and the owner of this popular app, Evan Spiegel has constantly ignored Windows Phone platform. Earlier, all the 3rd party apps were removed from Windows Store including the famous 6Snap client for Snapchat, though the counterparts on other platforms like Android and iOS were still functioning. 

The app is more popular among the teens and the absence on Windows Platform is one of the reason teens for teens avoiding the platform. This development of an open source third party client for Snapchat is surely a positive thing, though I wish an App from the Snapchat Inc, would have been much better. 

Do you want to see Snapchat on your Windows Phone, or is it perfectly fine for you to live without it? I never felt like having Snapchat for me. 

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