How to update Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile

Well, technically Windows 10 Mobile is yet to be roll out for handsets and Lumia 625 will be one of the last handsets to receive the Windows 10 Mobile update. There are various reasons like the phone has become obsolete, Microsoft has released many smartphones after Lumia 625 which it will prefer above it, and the 512mb RAM. But still, you can easily update your Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile using the Windows Insider Program. 

I have earlier updated my Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile but switched back to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 due to many bugs and lags. The phone was difficult to operate at that time. However, I tried last night to give another try to Windows 10 Mobile and to my amazement, it's working fantastic even in only 512mb RAM.

If you own a Lumia 625 and planning to update your Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile without waiting for the official roll out, it will take just an hour without much effort. So, lets begin how you can do it without much hassles. 

Important: Before you start updating your Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile, make sure you back up your Windows Phone. This is the most important part, since you never know your phone stops responding due to any bugs. Windows 10 Mobile is still in beta testing phase and is not a complete release. So, bugs are bound to be present. 

Update Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile

Download Windows Insider App. Go to the Windows Store from your phone, and download the Windows Insider App. 

The next step is to launch the app and register to the Windows Insider program with your Microsoft ID. Then you will be asked to choose whether your want Slow builds or Fast builds. Slow builds means the updates will not be so frequent and you may receive some newly added features a bit late, but on the other hand you will also have less chances of any accident to your phone. So, comparatively it is more secure than fast builds, but on the cost of delay in the latest features. 

Windows Insider App

Note: I will suggest you to prefer Slow Build, since Windows 10 Mobile is in beta stage and in fast builds, you may receive an update that has not been properly tested and may lead to non-functioning of your Lumia 625.

Once you are done with the set up and registration part for the Windows Insider App, Navigate to Settings > Phone Updates and search for fresh updates for your phone. There will be an update available. Download the update and install it. However, you must take care of these two points before you decide to update Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile. 

1. Make sure you have enough space. For me, it asked for 1.33GB of free space. So on a safer side, have at least 2GB of free space. 

Updating Windows Phone 8.1 to Windows 10 Mobile2. Make sure your Lumia 625 is fully charged. You don't want your phone to be dead in the middle of update installation and making it non-usable. This is what will happen when you will try to update your Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile when it's not fully charge.

Once the updates are downloaded and installed, your Lumia 625 will reboot and gears will appear on the screen for some time. This is the part where your firmware is being over-written with Windows 10 Mobile beta version. Your phone will restart again for the final time. 

Congrats, you have successfully updated your Lumia 625 to Windows 10 Mobile. Though its not necessary, it is advised to do a hard reset of your Windows Phone once Windows 10 Mobile is loaded to your phone.

Windows 10 Mobile awesome graphics

Are you already using Windows 10 Mobile in your Windows Phone? How does it feels, tell us in the comments. 

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