How to remotely access your PC from Windows Phone 8.1

There is an app for Windows Phone 8.1 that allows you to remotely access your PC from your Windows Phone 8.1. 

Microsoft has launched an app called Remote Desktop that allows you to connect to your PC remotely from your phone. The set up is very simple and allows you to connect to your System at home or in Office in seconds.

You can download the remote desktop app from Windows Store. After installing Remote Desktop app in your phone, open the app and tap on the + sign at the bottom of the screen. There you will see the configuration wizard. 

The Remote Desktop app for Windows Phone will ask for host name or ip address of your computer. There is a option of "Credentials" where you can select either "Enter every time" if you do not want to save the ID and Password, or you can save the credentials by tapping on "Add credentials". Next time when you will try to access it, you will find the saved credential there with the name. 

Remote desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1

Once you are through the configurations, you will find in the desktop tag the hostname you have just added. For the first time when your Windows Phone tries to connect to the remote PC, you wil get a warning that "The certificate of the remote PC can't be verified". If you are full aware that you are connecting to the right PC, select the "Don't ask again for this certificate" and tap on Connect. 

Remote desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1

Once the connection is set up, your Windows Phone screen will switch to landscape mode and you can see and work on your Desktop. You can try vaious options and on-screen at the top menu items to check how it works. You can see below what that I have very easily connected to my PC from my Windows Phone 8.1 and watching/accessing things remotely. 

Remote desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1

Note: To use this feature, you must have Windows Ultimate in your desktop. This feature is not included in Windows Home. 

How to accept remote connection

Since your Windows Phone is trying to remotely access your PC, you must allow in settings to accept that connection. To allow it, Right click on My Computers and click on properties. Under the remote tab, check the "Remote Assistance" part. Also check the "Allow remote connections to this computer" and click on OK. Your Windows PC is now ready to accept connections.

Remote desktop app for Windows Phone 8.1

Hint: How to get your System's IP address.

If you are looking to find out how you can get the IP address you need to fill while setting up Remote Desktop app, open Command Prompt by typing "cmd" in the Start search. 

Type ipconfig and you will get various information. Look for the IPv4 Address. 

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