How to improve battery life in Windows Phone 10

How to improve battery life in Windows Phone 10 There are some basic tips which you can follow to improve battery life in your Windows Phone 10. Windows Phone users are eagerly waiting for Windows 10 Mobile roll out, however many of the users have already upgraded to Windows Phone 10 from Windows Phone 8.1 using Windows Insider program. Although, there are various improvements in uses and performance, many of the users have been complaining of the battery drain issue. 

There are some basic practices which you can follow to ensure an improved battery life for your Windows Phone 10. 

Turn battery saver on 

Windows Phone 8.1 allowed battery saver to be turned on automatically when your battery went down to 20%. But in Windows Phone 10, you can manually adjust the percentage till when the battery saver turns on automatically. First of all, turn battery saver on automatically if battery falls to 20-30%. You can add the app which you want to keep working even when battery saver is on, like WhatsApp. 

You can turn the battery save on by navigating to Settings > Battery Use. You can also add any app to exception list from there only. 

Turn off Data Setting when not in use

The advancement from 2G > 3G > 4G ha led to a faster draining of battery. When you do not use data, turning it off will let you use your phone for another hour. Even if you are using just the basic apps, setting it to 2G will still allow WhatsApp and some minimal app to run, saving a large part of your Phone's battery life. 

You can turn off/on data settings by navigating to Settings > Mobile & SIM > SIM settings > Mobile Network.

Disable Hey Cortana 
Cortana in Windows Phone 10

The "Hey Cortana" feature allows you to just speak Hey Cortana, to wake it up and ask your query. This comes handy when you don't want to keep turning on Cortana physically by tapping. This feature works even when your Phone is locked. So, in order to allow you this privilege, Cortana is always active and ready to receive your words. As soon as you speak Hey Cortana, it becomes active. Now, this surely comes on the cost of your battery life. So, if you are not in the fan list of Cortana, or in a place where it is hard to find a charging slot, turn it off to save your battery life. 

Set brightness to low

If you are working in a low light area, setting your screen's brightness to low will preserve your Windows Phone 10 battery. Try not to stick to high brightness co'z that can lead to faster drain of battery. 

Turn off WiFi and Location

Unless you are not using Google/Nokia Maps, there is no need to keep your location turned on. It will consume your phone's battery at a faster pace. Also, turn off your WiFi manually if you are not in a WiFi region. This will lead to an improve battery life in Windows Phone 10.

Also, you can practice some more tips like turning off Glance Screen and limiting display Idle time to less than a minute. 

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