Best car racing games for Windows Phone

With smartphones having capabilities equivalent to that of a PC with high end processors and memory, the gaming section has switched from PC mode to smartphones. Though Windows Phone platform has been lacking in Apps section, there are a number of car racing games which you can play and feel the heat. If you are one such guy who loves the thrills racing a car and breaking rules, here is the list of best car racing games for Windows Phone which you can check for your Lumia.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Asphalt has been producing high end and intense graphics racing time from a long time and Asphalt 8: Airborne surely rules the chart of best car racing game for any Windows Phone. The game is full of high end graphics, stunts, twists, and challenges you in every aspects. Asphalt 8 allows multiplayer mode where you can perform high-speed aerial stunts in an intense driving experience.

There are more than 95 high performance cars to choose from, 9 seasons and more than 300 events in Career mode and option to challenge 12 opponents in a race.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

Race illegal: High Speed 3D

Race illegal: High Speed 3D is another awesome racing game for Windows Phone that gives a street racing experience. Starting as a rookie, you will need to cross several barriers and earn respects before you can challenge others. With amazing 3D graphics and engaging storyline, Race illegal allows you to race on 20 different tracks with an option of 9 different cars which you can customize and tune accordingly. It only provide an option to compete in online racings.

Race illegal also promises to deliver a real street racing experience with real driving physics, insane drifts, nitrous boosts and stunning locations. You can also check out your own driving stats and compare with other players worldwide.

Race illegal: High Speed 3D

GT Racing 2: The real car experience

GT Racing 2 has a superb collection of 67 licensed cars and 13 tracks and more than 1400 events. With intensifying graphics and most realistic car dynamics, you can compete your friends and choose from 4 different camera angles including a breath-taking interior view.

There are different racing modes like Classic races, One on One, Knockouts, and Overtakes. You do not need to wait to earn some money if you want repair your car.

GT Racing 2: The real car experience

These 3 racing makes into my best car racing games for Windows Phone.So head in to your Windows Phone Store and download one of them. Do you have any other racing game for Windows Phone which you feel is awesome? Comment below and I will love to try it.

This article for the best car racing games for Windows Phone is the second one in our top 3 list for Windows Phone. Earlier I have written about Best browsers for Windows Phone.

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