How to reset Windows Phone password

What if you have forgotten your Windows Phone password? You can easily rest Windows Phone password in some simple steps. However, you must know that resetting your Windows Phone will erase all your data including photos, videos, apps, settings, and restore your Windows Phone to factory settings.

Windows Phone password

So, you still cannot remember the password no matter how hard you try, and willing to sacrifice all your phone's data. See, that's why it is said to always back up your Windows Phone.

Before you proceed with the steps, make sure your Windows Phone is enough charged. As a precaution, charge it for another half an hour before you try this. 

Now, disconnect the charger and switch off the phone. I said to remove the charging, since your phone will automatically turn on if you try to switch off while in charging. 

Once you Windows Phone is switched off, press volume down and camera button at the same time. Also, hold the the power key at the same time. 

Your Phone will vibrate. Release the power key but keep on pressing the volume down and camera button until the phone reboots. Your phone will reboot to its factory settings and all the data will be erased from your phone. So, basically you will have the phone in the same condition in which you bought it from the store. No more password. 

In this easy steps of resetting your Windows Phone password, you will have to compromise with the data you have. So, don't try for it unless its the last option. 

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