How to free up space in Windows Phone

Most of the Windows Phone devices come with an in-built 8GB storage and chances are that you already are running out of memory if you are not using any external storage device. There are some ways by which you can free up some space in your Windows Phone and in this article, we will be covering those steps.

free memory in windows phone

Free up space in Windows Phone

Before you decide to free up space in your Windows Phone, it will be better to check what is actually taking the space on your phone. To check it, Swipe left from home screen to App list and tap on Storage Sense

free memory in windows phoneNow tap on phone, and Storage Sense will show you where your Phone's most of the storage is being utilized.

app+games This will list you the apps and games you have installed and the amount of storage each of them are taking. Uninstall those which you don't need to free up some space. 

music/videos/photos Same. Delete the things which you don't need from here. 

Similarly, check on all the other options and remove as much garbage from phone as possible. 

Next, now you have deleted/uninstalled/removed un-necessary things from your phone. Now what can you do to free up some more space on your Windows Phone.

If you have got a memory card and trying to clean your phone storage, Go to Storage Sense > app+games. Select the apps which are taking too much space, tap it and move to SD.

Another great way to free up space on your Windows Phone is by using OneDrive. Microsoft provides 30GB free storage to OneDrive, and you can easily upload your photos and videos to OneDrive, and then delete it from your phone. You can acceess these photos anytime, anywhere from your phone, tablet or PC.

To upload to OneDrive, go to Photos hub on your phone, select your photos and videos from the albums, tap share and select OneDrive from the options. The upload will take time depending upon your Internet Speed. It is advisable to try this when you are connected to wi-fi, since you don't want all your data plans to finish the same day. 

And even after following all the above steps, you think you need some more space, Hard Reset your Windows Phone by taking a complete backup of your phone.

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