How to download torrent on Windows Phone

If you are looking to download torrent on your Windows Phone, there is an app for you. wpTorrent is a native bit torrent client for Windows Phone 8/8.1. wpTorrent is a free version but is ad-driven and you will need to upgrade to Pro account in order to remove the ads. The wpTorrent apps also support video streaming and video preview. 

With wpTorrent, you will get support for magnet link capture, setting file priorities, limiting download/upload rate. It also allows to watch downloaded videos and play music while the download is in progress. 
The downloaded files can be browsed through in-built file manager and can be shared via app native web server or uploaded to OneDrive. These downloaded files can also be saved to Music + Videos Hub. 

You can get the app from Windows Store.

However, there is one limitation. Windows Phone do not support background download for torrent, so as soon as you turn off the screen the downloading stops. However, it does provide the option to continue the downloads in background.

Free version has a download speed limit to 200kbps. So you may have to go for Torrex Pro if you want unlimited download speed.

Another torrent client: Torrex Lite - Torrent downloader

Torrex is a high quality and easy to use torrent downloader for Windows Phone 8.1. It has the ability to stream audio and video while downloading them. You can download any torrent through torrent file or link and also using magnet links.

Torrex lite is equipped with an in-built media player thus you can watch downloaded files or stream which are in process without switching to any other application.

Note: We do not promote/support downloading of copyrighted materials from torrent. 

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