Best browsers for Windows Phone

If you are looking for some of the best browsers for Windows Phone, you are at the right place. The default browser has lots of shortcomings, and if you are looking to have a nice browsing experience, you can try any of the below browsers. 

UC Browser

UC Browser for Windows Phone is undoubtedly one of the best browsers not only for Windows Phone but for android too. They have gained a good percentage in the market and I personally feel they provide nice experience. They have nice User Interface with easy tab navigations. The saved files are saved directly to your SD card and can be shared easily through Bluetooth. 

UC Browser also provides various modes of browsing, like Night mode, Speed mode, Incognito browser which you won't find in the default browser, and text-only browsing when you are only concerned to read a blog and don't want to deviated with pictures and videos. 

You can also set a picture password ensuring your privacy, and can adjust the video quality while playing. Plus, it does have the support for Cortana.

UC Browser for Windows Phone

As you can see from the above screenshot of UC Browser for Windows Phone, the home screen of can accommodate multiple frequently visited site. Also, switching between the taps is easy task. 

Opera Mini

Opera Mini for Windows Phone is one of the fastest browsers. One of the great feature of Opera is is servers you a website by compressing the amount of data passed from websites thus saving your data plan. The navigation is easy enough and is par with Windows Phone. Opera Mini also comes with a private tab which prevent your browsing history from being stored on your Windows Phone. 

You can easily set your frequent and favorite websites on the home screen and can search through Google by directly typing into the address bar. You can do the search through the default browser too, but it will show results through Bing. Opening multiple tabs and browsing through these tabs is super easy. It has also lots of customization features allowing you to customize it according to your need and preference.

Opera Mini for Windows Phone

You can pin frequently visited sites to your homescreen in Opera Mini browser. Also, the browser is clutter free, simple and nice. User Interface is one positive point. Switching between multiple tasks is an easy job. Like in the picture, I have opened two tabs, a Google and Wikipedia. Tapping on the number in the bottom of screen will show all the tabs open.


Surf4 (Surfer) browser is another best browser for Windows Phone that promises a clutter free layout and uses maximum screen area. Though, it is free but is ad supported. So, sometimes these ads may not look good to you. Surf4 allows to browse 4 websites simultaneously without any need of tabs. It supports both landscape and portrait mode and other features like searching from the address bar, selection from multiple search engines, disable unused browsers, option to request desktop mode, and so on. So, its best suited when you want 4 handy websites always to view, which can include but is not limited to a news website, Wikipedia, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or as per your choice.

Surf4 browser for Windows Phone

Surf4 is only useful when you want a browser for just 4 of the websites. In above screenshot, you can see in the left image, there are 4 tabs which you can switch just by tapping. From the settings, you can type in your 4 choices as they will open when you choose the number in the taskbar.

You can easily install any of the above best browsers for Windows Phone by heading to Windows Store and downloading them.
There are other browsers too, like Panda, Maxthon which you can try and tell us in comments how much productive they are. But Windows Phone still needs some of the best browsers in its store like Chrome and Firefox. I personally feel for Firefox and waiting to see it Windows Store. 

Which browser you find best for your Windows Phone, and why? Tell us in the comments. 

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