Some funny answers Cortana will give you.

Cortana has humor. I was playing with it and it replied me in a funny way. Let me tell you how!

I love you - and Cortana replied This will require further study. Really? I guess she has heart broken a several times. :P When I told Cortana again, she appreciated it. And a third "Love you" - and she admired herself. She loves herself. That's self appraisal :/


The next thing I tried was F*** you. And Cortana moved on with it. She didn't care to reply. That's clever (at least, when you are in a mood).

Just to check whether Cortana is cool, I asked her about it. And replied in a mathematical way. A-squared plus B-squared equals C-squared, so I'd have to say yes. 

Asking her whether she speaking Chinese, she replied something in Chinese, which I was able to figure out as how to say Chinese in Chinese. Arghhh!! 


I ordered Cortana to find me a date and she refused. She accepted that she is no match-maker. So, to end it up, I just ordered her to "Shut Up" and she refused. She said - she is the one to give the final word and by no means I should say her to shut up (I believe she meant this - may be exaggerated :P).

Have you tried such Funny Things with Cortana ? Tell me in the comments. I would love to speak some more nonsense with the personal assistant. And thank God, she is a girl.

ambarish kumar

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