Windows Phone with less than 8 GB Internal Storage likely to miss Windows 10 Mobile

This comes as a shock to the Windows Phone users who has been using Nokia Lumia 530 and HTC 8S with 4 GB of internal storage, as they may not be able to update to Windows 10 Mobile when it's released. According to the German version of the Windows Blog, The Windows 10 Mobile upgrade will need at least 8 GB of internal memory and Windows Phone with less than 8 GB will not get the OS upgrade at the time of release. 

The device that will be left out are the ones with 4 GB of internal storage and have not been able to join the Insider Program of Windows 10 Mobile. Handsets like Nokia Lumia 530 and HTC 8S will be the one who will be missing it. 

While most of the mid-ranged handsets released from Microsoft having 8 GB of internal storage will get the upgrade, the left outs number read about 35 million users. That's not huge but is noticeable. Another major concern will be keeping free space on internal memory. People like me who happens to transfer the videos/photos captured through Phone to the laptop and do not need a memory card may finally need to go store to get one. 


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