WhatsApp for Windows Phone updated - new features added

A new version of WhatsApp named 2.12.112 has been released for Windows Phone users with many enhancements and new features. The update is available for all Windows Phone users via Windows Store. The update has been launched out to Android and iOS users earlier and WhatsApp is trying its best to keep Windows Phone at par with other platforms. 

New Features in WhatsApp version 2.12.112 for Windows Phone

Mark chats as read/unread - Tapping and holding a chat will give you an option to mark a chat message as unread. This can be very useful in putting up a reminder for yourself to re-read it later. This feature can be used particulary when you have read a chat message in a hurry and you need to read it again when you have the luxury to do so. Mark it as unread, so that an unread message will remind you, simple. 

whatsapp images
Tap and hold a chat to see this menu
New Emojis - WhatsApp version 2.12.112 has introduced new emojis, or rather introduced the colored emoticons. Tapping and holding a emoticon and you will see the different color emojis, selecting your preference will make it the default emoji. You can repeat the process of tapping, holding and selection in case you need other colored emojis. 

whatsapp images
New emojis introduced

Select multiple messages to delete or forward it - Now, with WhatsApp 2.12.112, you can select multiple messages in a chat and delete or forward it someone. 

whatsapp images
Select multiple messages

Custom ringtones - Now you can select different ringtones for different WhatsApp contact. WHatsApp has introduced separate selection of message sound and ringtone for WhatsApp calling for contact. You can also enable/disable the sound and vibration for messages/calls for any particular user. 

whatsapp images
Add custom ringtone

Edit contacts directly from contact card - If any of your friend has sent you a contact card, and you want to save it with different name, you can directly now. You are not forced to save it with the name sent and then editing it from your Phone's contact list. You can do that directly from your WhatsApp.

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Save and message a contact

In case, you have not updated WhatsApp, you can visit Windows Store and download and install the latest version of WhatsApp to avail all these features. 

Did I miss any feature? Feel free to share in comments and I will add it in the list. 

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