What's new in Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview [Part 1]

I have installed Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview and found some cool features introduced as compared to WP 8.1. Although the technical preview is not the final product that will be released later this year, but it does include a part of it which I'm experiencing on my Lumia 625 handset. In this article, I will share what's new in Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview and why there is much more fun using a Windows Phone now. 

Start Screen - Personalization

What's better to start with than the start screen. The start screen is now rendered with more customization with various features introduced. Lets talk about it. 

Windows Phone 10 Technical PreviewTransparency control.

Transparency factor has been added that allows you to set the transparency level of the tiles you put on the home screen. You can even reduce the transparency level to zero, where the tiles disappears and only the icons and text can be seen. In contrast, with the highest level of transparency level, the tiles appear same as in Windows Phone 8.1 covering the background image. 

Background Image.

With Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview, you have the options of setting the background image to either Full Screen or limited to Tile. When you choose the Full Screen option, the image appear on the complete screen and not just behind the tiles which used to happen in Windows Phone 8.1. To attain the WP 8.1 background image, select Tile picture. 

Show more tile.

You can select show more tile to increase the number of tiles that fits on your home screen. When you limit this option, you will have only 4 grid of tiles, otherwise 6. 

Windows Phone 10 Technical PreviewWindows Phone 10 Technical PreviewWindows Phone 10 Technical Preview

Better designed App List

Windows Phone 10 Technical PreviewWindows Phone 10 Technical Preview comes with a better designed App List (the list you get when you swap left from your home screen) with an additional option of setting a background image. The image will be same as of your home screen with less brightness and there is an additional search bar for the apps. Yes, it includes a search bar so you don't need to scroll down 100 meters if your app name starts with Z. Just type in the search bar, tap on the app and it will launch. 

Moreover, if you have installed a new App, you will find a Recently Added menu, that will include the app. 

You can use this search bar to search any app directly from the Windows store. When you type-in an app name which is not listed/installed in your phone, you will find an option of searching it in the app store. Simple! So, you won't need to open Windows Store and search the app there. Just type in your favorite app name and with a simple tap you are redirected to the Windows Store to download it and install it. 

More tiles colors to choose from

Earlier there were only a few theme colors to choose from. But now you have 48 colors from which you can select the one your eyes love and your tiles will appear of the same. 

To choose the theme colors, navigate to Settings > Personalization > Colors.

You can also choose from Light and Dark mode. Choosing a dark mode will use black as a fill color and your a dark theme blended in the color you chose will be there. You can replace the black with white by choosing Light mode. 

Lock screen customization

Lock screen is somewhat same as Windows Phone 8.1 except that the keypad lock is now transparent. You can adjust settings by navigating to Settings > Personalization > Lock Screen.

You can set an image as your lock screen or use your Social Media feeds to be displayed. You can also specify the apps whose detailed status can be seen on the screen. Also, you can set the timer for lock screen times out.

We will talk about some more Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview features and what's new in the coming articles.

In case, you have installed Windows 10 Technical preview, and facing some problems, you can revert back to 8.1. Read here: Return to Windows Phone 8.1 from Windows 10 technical preview.

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