Nokia Lumia 625 touch stopped working

Woke up today, searched for my phone, pressed the unlock button, and entered the password - and there was no vibration while touching the screen. I sensed something is wrong with my Nokia Lumia 625 touch. I tried again, in a belief that perhaps my handset is feeling sleepy too. However, it didn't work. So, I went for a soft reset. My Nokia Lumia 625 touch had stopped working. 

After a soft reset, I still found out that the display touch is not working and I am unable to unlock my phone or pick a call. It was like, hey I have a smartphone and I can't pick your call. The next thing I thought is, why I didn't back up? Since each time you submit your phone to Nokia service center, the first thing they do is hard-reset your phone, wiping all your data and pics. 

With all these, I was phone-less the whole day. Searched for a service center and went to it. They did a short diagnosis and found out that the cable that is attached to the touch is damaged and needs a replacement. My phone is still in a warranty but they told that warranty do not cover it. And it cost me a good Rs. 3800. So, if your Lumia 625 touch stops working, be ready with the cash. 

So, what I learnt today from my "Lumia 625 touch not working" thing?  

  • It doesn't matter if your phone is in warranty unless your motherboard has problems. They find some loopholes and its never gonna be free. 
  • It's ridiculous too, for the wire to be damaged on its own. I didn't drop my phone neither do have any accident to it. So, if keeping my phone in my pocket creates a problem then perhaps Nokia should sell their smartphone with a "warning: do not keep it in your pocket".
  • It's costly. If your touch is gone, they cost you 4k, for display another 4k, for camera another 4k, and a handset that costed me Rs 14500 initially, has all its parts priced for about 40,000 in an add up. (May be I'm over reacting, but why in the world a touch would cost 4K? My phone's display was perfectly fine. "Thank god though."
  • Back Up!!! If you love your gallery, music, videos. My touch was not working, there was no problem with any software/firmware/update. So, they didn't have to hard reset my phone.

I'm not pointing out in specific, Windows Phone, but pointing out one of the reason why Nokia has lost its market dominance. If you manufacture a phone that can damage itself on its own, and a screen that would cost 1/3rd of the smartphone's cost, then people will surely switch away from you. 

I may simply had bought a 3-G enabled android phone with same screen size and 5MP camera in the cost of repairing. 

And warranty do not cover "anything". Be it Nokia/Samsung/Whatever. The only difference is People like me still believe in Nokia and expect a fair service. 

Do you have any other issues with Nokia? Feel free to share in the comments. Just because I maintain a blog on Windows Phone and its users, do not mean I'm going to praise only. 

ambarish kumar

Hi, I am Ambarish. The owner of this blog and a Lumia 625. Love to play with it and write here in my blog to help others. Do not forget to like us on Facebook and follow on Twitter.

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