How to back up your Windows Phone

Backing up your Windows Phone is one of the most important but neglected thing. You can never afford to lose best clicks with your family or your girl friend, neither can think of loosing a video you captured to upload to your Youtube Channel. Along with pics and images, you don't even want to lose your favorite apps and settings. But the thing is, no matter whether you use Android/Windows/iOS, you never know when things go bad and your phone stops working the way you want. This is where you regret for not backing up your phone. 

Windows Phone provides a nice way to back up all your stuffs and save important things to the cloud so that if your Windows Phone stops responding or is lost/stolen, you can recover all the settings and data. 

How to backup your Windows Phone 
back up windows phone
To back up your Windows Phone, swipe left from your homescreen to see the App list. Tap on Settings > backup. There are 3 options you can find in the back up menu. 

1. apps+settings. Turning on apps+settings will save your browser favorites, your start screen layout, passwords and settings to the cloud. 

2. messaging. Turning on messaging saves all text message you send/receive to the cloud. 

3. photos+videos. This option asks you whether you want to automatically upload your photos and videos to OneDrive so that you can restore them anytime you need and/or access them from other devices. 

You can find other options like uploading your pics/videos in good quality that uses data plan, or Best Quality that necessarily needs WiFi plan. 

Note: If you do not want any deteoriation in the image/video quality, check the Best Quality option. 

In this way, you can backup your Windows Phone and all the important stuffs and restore it in case any mishaps happen. 

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