How to activate Cortana in Windows Phone 10 Technical preview

If you have update your Windows Phone from Windows Phone 8.1 OS to Windows Phone 10 Technical Preview, and you are a non-US resident, you may see Cortana missing from your device. Cortana in Windows Technical Preview builds is limited to US-ony and for English. However, you can still activate Cortana in Windows 10 Technical Preview before Microsoft decides to make Cortana available for other country users with more language support. 

Activating Cortana is a two step-method and includes a language pack download. Lets check the steps that can be used to activate Cortana for Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Activate Cortana in Windows Phone 10 Technical preview

Cortana in Windows Phone 10

Step 1: Update Language to English (United States)

Slide left to see the App List. Navigate to Settings > Time & language > Language > Add Languages > English (United States).

Your will see a notification that Updates are available for Additional language support. A restart will be required after the download. Gears will appear on your phone once you restart it, and the settings are updated. 

Step 2: Updating region to United States

Navigate to Settings > Time & language > Region > Country/Region and select United States from the list. Restart your phone. 

Step 3: Download speech language

Navigate to Settings > Time & language > Speech > Add a language. Choose English (United States). An update of about 50mb will be downloaded and installed. 

Once the restart is done successfully, Cortana is activated for your Windows Phone Technical Preview.

FYI, Cortana is already available in your Windows Phone but it won't work outside US and for other than United States English language. By performing the above two steps, you can easily activate it and use it.

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