Check Windows Phone Version for your Lumia device

Check Windows Phone Version for your Lumia

Sometimes, some apps/features requires any particular Windows Phone OS version or above to work. In that case, you can check Windows Phone version you are using and upgrade if necessary. Checking Windows Phone version is as easy swiping to App list and Tapping on Settings > About.  

Check Windows Phone version for your Lumia 

Unlock your phone and swipe left for the App list. 

Tap on Settings > about > more information

Check Windows Phone Version for your Lumia
You will get the Software and OS version you are using along with Firmware revision number, Hardware revision number and screen resolution.

You will also MAC address of your Lumia handset along with IMEI numner, SIM ID, and Radio software version. 

In case, you want check more info of your Lumia device, Navigate to App list > Settings > extras+info.

Check Windows Phone Version for your Lumia
There are various details included like RAM, Manufacturer name, Mobile Operator, Core build ID, Application version and Build creation Date. 
In this way, you can Check Windows Phone Version along with some other information for your Lumia device. If you are using it, you should know what you are using.

The information in these images is particular to my Lumia 625 running Windows Phone 8.1 Lumia Denim.

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