How to move Apps, Games to SD card in Windows Phone 8.1

Windows Phone usually comes with an 8 GB internal storage and running out of space is one of the frequent problems you will face. You may have filled your Windows Phone with Music, Movies, Videos, Apps, Games and PDFs, and do not want to delete it in case you require some space. With 5 MegaPixel camera, clicking some shots and recording some minutes videos will use up the majority of your device's internal storage.

The first step is to buy a memory card. Yes, you will at a point of time need SD cards for additional storage.

Now, in order to free up space on your device, you will have to move Apps, Games and Videos to your memory card. In this article, we will see how you can move the installed Apps and Games to your SD card in Windows Phone 8.1.

How to move Apps, Games to SD card in Windows Phone 8.1

Go to Application List and tap Storage Sense. 

Tap Phone and you will see the amount of space taken by apps+games, music, videos, podcasts, photos, email+messaging, and others. 

Tap on app+games, it will show the list of apps and games installed on your Windows Phone and the amount of space taken by these apps.

Tap on the app/game which you want to move to SD card.

Tap on move to SD / Uninstall in case you want to move it to SD card or uninstall it completely from your Windows Phone.

In this way, you can easily transfer your apps and data associated with it to your SD card and free up space on your Windows Phone. With high qualities videos/images and apps that use to take a lot space, its definite that you will run out of space if you use your Windows Phone as the primary storage / installation area. 

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