What's new in Windows Phone 10

Windows Phone 10Microsoft runs Windows Insider Program for the PC experts and IT pros to deliver the technical preview ahead of a release of Operating System both for Windows Phone and Windows OS for a system. By downloading Windows 10 Technical Preview, you can try out the new features, connect with people who share the same enthusiasm as of you and experience Windows 10 in its earliest stages.

Before we dive into What's new in Windows Phone 10, lets see how to install and test Windows 10 for phones.

You will need to sign up for Windows Insider Program before you can try out what's new in WIndows Phone 10. Sign up here @ Windows Insider or login with your Microsoft Account.

Download the Windows Insider App from Windows Phone store. Here's the link: Windows Insider App download.

Once you open the app, tap on Get preview builds. If you want a less-buggier previews, go for a slow receiving of pre-releases, if you can handle some bugs choose otherwise.

Your phone will reboot. Check for updated by navigating to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Updates and download the update. Once installed, your phone will be loaded with what's new in Windows Phone 10 although a bit buggier.

What's new in Windows Phone 10.

Quick Reply feature. Microsoft introduced Action Center in Windows Phone 8.1 where any incoming message appeared at the top of the screen as a notification banner. With Windows Phone 10, you can pull down to reply without switching from whatever you are doing. This quick reply feature might prove an important feature of Windows Phone 10 saving the labor of switching from one app to another to reply to a text/message and switching back to continue.

File Explorer. Although, Windows introduced a separate file explorer app a long time ago, it has now bundled it with the OS. You can use the new file explorer app to save files on your phones, delete it, move it from one folder to another etc.

Settings redesigned. The problem with Settings in Windows 8.1 and earlier versions for Windows Phone OS is that you have to scroll down a lot to find what you are looking for. With Windows Phone 10, Settings is more categorized. Action Center is redesigned with 12 wuick launch icons and many keyboard improvements have been made. You can browse text with cursor scroller, or move your keyboard to a particular side of your phone and dock it there. However, moving requires you to have a phone with size at least 5 inches.

Unlike Windows 8.1, setting a background image on your start screen will retain that image on the tiles rather than tiles overlapping the images.

There has been lots of improvements in Personalization, Photos apps and App center. Go on, give it a try and see on your own what's new in Windows Phone 10.

Note 1: Back up before you begin. Windows 10 is not fully released and it's just a technical Preview for tech geeks. Backing up your files, images, messages, videos and perhaps everything you have on your phone is strictly advisable.

Note 2: In case anything goes wrong, restart your phone and it should be fine. Even restarting your Windows Phone don't work, try a soft reset. The last option to make everything normal is hard reset your Windows Phone to its factory setting. In hard reset, you will loose all your data, apps and anything else that resides on your phone, the reason you should back up all stuffs.

Note 3: Windows Phone Technical Preview still only works with limited devices. Here's the list of the Lumia handsets that supports:

Lumia 630
Lumia 635
Lumia 636
Lumia 638
Lumia 730
Lumia 830.

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