How to set up Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8.1

Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8.1Microsoft introduced a feature called kid's corner to protect your important documents, mails or settings from your kid's while they use it. Handing your phone to your child so that they can play games or use their favorite apps may sometimes lead to accidental deletion of some/part of any information which is useful to you. Setting up kid's corner lets you create a subsidiary profile  along with a start screen where you can put only the apps/games you know your kid's love.

The most important part is your child can only access to apps, games, music or videos you add to kid's corner and cannot access the rest of the stuffs.

How to set up Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8.1

To set up kid's corner for your Windows Phone:

Go to your App Lists by swiping to your left, then navigate to settings > kid's corner > Next.

Add the appropriate Games, Music, Videos and Apps to your kid's corner and tap on launch kid's corner.

Setting up kid's corner requires you to set a lock screen password to ensure your child do not accidentally navigate to your start screen from the kid's corner. If you have already set up lock screen password, it Windows Phone won't ask for it.

If your Windows Phone gets locked automatically, you may have to enter your lock screen password to open kid's corner.

kid's corner limits your child to navigate to any website through your web browser.  However, if they can tap a web link from an app or game, they will be redirected to that link.

kid's corner start screen works much the same as your normal Windows screen. You can do all sort of stuffs like resizing tiles, adding lock screen picture, changing default theme.

You can even hide your personal information from your friends by setting up Kid's Corner in Windows Phone 8.1 and only giving them access to some of the apps and games which you feel do not harm your privacy.

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