How to restart your Windows Phone when it's not responding

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If you are Lumia user, you might have faced the problem of your Windows Phone hung up and the power off button not working. Since, some of the Lumia devices do not come with removable battery, you are left with no other option than to wait for its battery to discharge and then restart your phone.

However, there are other ways in which you can restart your Windows Phone when it is not responding. The easiest way is to soft reset it.

Restarting your Windows Phone when it's not responding.

Soft reset your Lumia device
Windows PhonePress simultaneously the power off button and volume minus button on your device and hold it for 10-15 seconds. When you feel a vibration, release it and your phone will restart.

Sometimes, if the restart opens with a blank screen, repeat the process and everything will be alright then.
Doing a soft reset won't delete anything from your device, nor will it change any configuration or personalization. So, no negative effects.

Hard reset your Lumia device

You can hard reset your phone by moving navigating to Settings > About > Reset your phone.

Confirm with a yes for the warnings you receive. Wait for a while and phone will be hard-resetted. Now this is case when your phone is in usual state i.e. working condition. What if it is not responding and you want to hard reset your Microsoft phone?

Press the power button and volume down button simultaneously and hold it for 10-15 seconds.

When you feel the vibration, un-hold the power off button and keep pressing volume down button until you see a large exclamation mark.

Once an exclamation marks appears on your screen, press these 4 buttons in the following order: Volume up, volume down, power , volume down. Your phone will be restarted to the factory setting.

Warning: Hard reset removes all your data, contacts, apps and  resets it to your phone's factory settings. You may wish later that you should have kept back-ups.

So, these two steps you can follow to restart your Windows Phone when it is not responding.

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