How to increase your Nokia Lumia battery life

With smartphones practically doing everything you'd do on your laptop from playing games to surfing the web, creating presentations, reading a book, shooting HD videos, listening music and watching your favorite movie and much more, you have to search for the power plug very often to charge your phone. However, there are ways by which you can increase your Nokia Lumia battery life and enjoy the fun for a longer time before you need to plug it to a power source. 

Increase your Nokia Lumia battery life

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneEnable battery saver. Go to App List > Settings > battery saver. You can choose whether to enable battery saver when battery is less than 20% or always. When battery saver is on, all non-essentials and background processes are turned off and push notifications are sent less often. 

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneChange to 2G mode. If you do not have any intention of surfing web, change to 2G mode from 3G. 3G network mode drains battery much faster as compared to 2G mode. In case you have a 2G data plan, keeping your Highest Connection Speed to 2G permanently is a better idea. You can select the Connection Speed by navigating to Settings > Mobile + SIM > SIM settings.

If you do not have any data connection activated, turn it off.

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneReduce the brightness. Instead of keeping your Windows Phone brightness High all the time, keep the brightness level to medium and low to increase your Windows Phone battery life. You can even turn on Automatic Adjust feature where your phone decides the level of brightness.

Reduce email sync time to 30 min from "As item arrive". Reducing email sync time helps you increase your Windows Phone battery life specially when you have multiple email accounts sync to oyur phone .You will notice a considerable battery saving then. You can reduce the email sync time by navigating to Email > Settings > Sync Settings > Download New Content. Under the download new content, you will find many time limits for sync, choose the one preferred. 

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneNokia Lumia Windows Phone

Disable NFC/Tap, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi if you are not using it. Keep your wifi and bluetooth on, and your phone will keep searching for any connection reducing your Windows Phone battery life. If you are not using it, turn them off. NFC is not particularly usefull if you are not a US-resident, so you can keep it off too. 

Change your Lock screen time to 30sec. Reduce your lock screen time to increase your Nokia Lumia battery life. Instead of allowing your phone to light for an additional minute, reduce the screen timeout to 30 sec or 1 min. 

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneDisable not-important apps running in background. Go to settings swipe to your right to Application tab, choose the app which you feel is not important running n background and turn it off. Hwever, you would not like turn some of the apps which are of no use if you do so, like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram or any such.

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneUse the dark theme for your Windows Phone. When you navigate to Settings > start+theme, you will see an option to choose your background. Choose the dark background for your phone. When you switch to the light background, Windows Phone will tell you that your screen is optimized for dark colours and choosing the light background will use up more of your phone's battery. 

Nokia Lumia Windows PhoneDisable Double Tap to wake up your phone. Windows provide an awesome feature where you double tap on your screen to wake up your phone instead of pressing a key. However, for double tap to work, your Windows Phone would have to look for a double tap all the time and hence reduces your battery life. Go to Settings > touch and turn off the double tap. Reduce the touch sensitivity to normal.

This is all about Increasing your Nokia Lumia / Windows Phone battery life. If you have any other tips by which you conserve you battery, do share with our readers. 

Note: The above navigation and screenshots are for Nokia Lumia 625 running Lumia Cyan update. All the other Windows Phone will have more or less the same type of Navigation. You may have to locate things up for once or twice. 

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