How to add ringtones to your Windows Phone

Did you try to make your favorite song in your Windows Phone playlist as your ringtone and failed just like me? Well, it's not that simple. You need to have a desktop in order to add ringtones to your Windows Phone. Windows Phone OS do not provide any such facility where you tap on your favorite song and a pop up appears asking you to set it as a ringtone. It's a little complex process.

Add ringtones to your Windows Phone

Connect your phone to your PC and navigate to Computer > Windows Phone > Phone > Ringtones.

Copy the song/mp3 file from your laptop/desktop to the navigated Ringtones folder.

Now, on your phone go to Settings > Ringtones + Sounds > Ringtones and you will see the song you copied in the list.

However, when I tried to do the same by moving an mp3 file from one folder to Ringtones folder on my Windows Phone using a file explorer, it didn't really work. So you must have a Personal Desktop/Laptop to add ringtones to your Windows Phone.

Putting it straight, if you have a song in your phone and not in your system, you will have to move that song to your system and move it back to your Windows Phone Ringtones folder in order to set it as a ringtones. A difficult process, isn't it?

Here's a short video describing how you can add ringtones to your Windows Phone.


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